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Why Lease?

Why Lease a Website
Try Before you buy
Low Capital Investment
Give back if it doesn't work
Try Before you buy
Low Capital Investment
Give back if it doesn't work

What is Domain leasing

Much like a house lease and car leasing the main reason to lease is to get into a better, safer, more secure environment at a reasonable payment rate. Rather than having to find the money for a full out purchase.

Another reason is to test the location, if you don’t like the location, say the neighbours are noisy, you’re in a flight path. You can quit your lease and find a better place.

With domain leasing you can get a great domain name (nice keyword) and instead of a large payout you can lease it to test your idea all with a minimal capital investment.

Domain leasing allows the leasee the permission to use the domain over the period of the lease. With an option to buy the Domain at a pre-determined value. The leasee gets access to a premium domain name of high value without the upfront purchase costs.

What is Website leasing

Leasing a fully working Website is slightly different to leasing a domain. The website already has been designed, made and is up and running, it could be already earning money from various methods.

Monetisation comes in various forms, eCommerce, advertising, memberships and affiliate links are just a few.

The websites normally come with content that can be modified to include details about your business or your business products,

Why Lease instead of Purchase?

You have a great idea, you start searching for the perfect domain name, and then you hit the big brick wall, good keyword domains have already been taken. So you take a look at the purchase rates and nearly die, sometimes into the millions but mostly in the 10’s of thousands.

Does your great idea die a quick death?

Can you find the financing for such a huge purchase?

This is where Leases.net.au  can help, we offer Killer KeyWord Domain names at very affordable monthly rates. If your idea hits a home run, then we have pre-determined purchase prices. If unfortunately your great idea doesn’t succeed then the total outlay of your expenses is at the bare minimum. Of course we will do whatever is in our powers to help you succeed.

Typical Terms of a Lease

Domains can be leased for varying periods of time, from 6 months to 5 years. Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly payments can be made. There is a non-refundable down payment to the value of 6 months.

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